Practice Makes Chaos

by Blen

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Blending a thousand different genres into one insane and chaotic mix, Blen opens the flood gates with his debut remix album 'Practice Makes Chaos'. mixing elements of punk, chiptune, ska, and breakcore, this new EP is almost guaranteed to drive people mad. David Charbula exclaims, "Proceed with caution, this ain't no ordinary 'Hubba Bubba'."

Special thanks to Chimpanzebras for complementary gang vocals.

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released November 5, 2012

Track 1 : Summer Break

Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ultra Software, 1989, NES)
• Composer(s): Kozo Nakamura
• Song: 'The Streets Of New York'

Track 2 : Big Surf

Game: New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, 2006, NDS)
• Composer(s): Asuka Ohta, Hajime Wakai, Koji Kondo
• Song: 'Overworld BGM'

Track 3 : Mom, Doc, Stop Taking Bets On Whether I Smoke Cigarettes

• Game: Dr. Mario (Nintendo, 1990, NES)
• Composer(s): Hirokazu Tanaka
• Song: 'Title Theme'

Track 4: Bubble Wars

• Game: Bubble Bobble (Nintendo, 1988, NES)
• Composer(s): Tadashi Kimijima, Zuntata
• Song: 'Main Theme (Hurry Up!) - Skull Monster Appears'

Track 5: Practice Makes Chaos

• Game: Kirby's Dream Land (Nintendo, 1992, GB)
• Composer(s): Jun Ishikawa
• Song: 'Bubbly Clouds'

Track 6: Super Hipster Land

• Game: Super Mario Land (Nintendo, 1989, GB)
• Composer(s): Hirokazu Tanaka
• Song(s): 'Main BGM #1'

Track 7: Brian Murata For President

• Game: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (Tecmo, 1990, NES)
• Composer(s): Mayuko Okamura, Ryuichi Nitta
• Song(s): 'Act 2-2'




Blen Vancouver, British Columbia

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